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Terms & Conditions of Stallion Season Auction

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Please read the terms and conditions for this sale and become familiar with them. Owners (stallion and mare) are bound by these terms and conditions whether you read them or not.If you have any questions, please contact the North Dakota Thoroughbred Association (NDTA) office at (701) 222-3499 or email

1.Terms of the breeding agreement are issued by the owner or manager of the farm where the stallion stands. NDTA has no involvement in the terms or conditions of the breeding agreement. NDTA merely provides the season for auction without any further liability.

2.The Stallion Season Auction will be conducted by online Internet bidding only. You must register prior to being able to place a bid.

3.The minimum bid on all stallion seasons is $200. The season must sell for foals to be eligible for the NDTA Stallion Stakes Races.

4.Bid increases will be in $25 increments after the minimum bid is attained. All bidders will be notified of their underbid and given the opportunity to increase their bid, if remaining auction time permits. If you bid an “odd” amount, it will be rounded up to the next $25 for the final price.

5.A bidder may bid on any number of stallion services. Bids may be placed as a direct bid, which is the exact amount bid; or a proxy bid, whereby the system will automatically increase your bid in $25 increments up to your maximum (proxy) bid amount if other bids are received.

6.Bidding closes at the listed time Central Standard Time on the posted date of closing. The remaining time left to bid will be posted on the stallion information page and must be updated by refreshing the page. Bids received after the stated closing time will not be accepted. NDTA assumes no liability for any technical malfunction of the online bidding process.

7.Seasons sold are for the current breeding season only. If advertised as Live Foal Guarantee, whether by the farm or the association, guarantee will be only to the extent of one (1) return in the following year with the same mare, or a substitute mare if acceptable to the stallion owner, in case of death or veterinary certified breeding unsoundness if applicable. Check stallion information carefully for guarantee information. The mare must be presented by winning bidder to receive refund if no live foal.

8.The NDTA reserves the right to disqualify any bid if payment check is returned due to insufficient funds, closed account, etc. The person making payment will have the opportunity to make the payment good, but must do so immediately by remittance of cashier’s check for the full amount owed plus applicable service fees.

9.The NDTA reserves the right to disqualify any bid placed by a bidder who has in the past failed to promptly pay any bill issued by the Association.

10.Payments for services purchased are due within seven (7) days of notification of successful bid. If NDTA does not receive payment in full within fifteen (15) days, NDTA may, at its discretion, sell the season to the next highest bidder or exercise any action necessary to collect moneys due. A bid is a binding agreement to pay.

11.Upon receipt of payment, NDTA will notify the stallion owner/manager that account has been paid in full and gives full consent for the mare to be bred.

12.If mare does not have a live foal from the first breeding season of a guaranteed live foal, and the stallion dies, is sold or is moved and the stallion owner does not opt to honor the return breeding, the mare owner may request in writing, a credit of the amount paid for the breeding to be applied to the next stallion season auction. The written request must be received in the NDTA office prior to November 1.

13.NDTA urges bidders to contact stallion owners before bidding and to become familiar with the breeding contract, terms and expenses involved with the stallion services on which they bid. The winning bidder agrees to abide by the terms of the stallion owner’s breeding contract.

14.Daycare charges are between stallion owner and mare owners. All other guarantees not referred to above are between stallion owners and mare owners. The NDTA does not assume liability for any disputes that may arise between the bidder and the stallion owner.

15.A bonus equal to 2.5% of the amount the winner receives will be paid to the stallion donor and the same will be paid to the breeder of the winning horse.

16. You must be a NDTA member at the time of nomination. This includes all members of a partnership or corporation.

17. If the race is not run, nominations less 10% retainage will be returned to the horse owner at time of cancellation.

18. Transferring ownership of an eligible horse, does not affect eligibility of the horse, providing the new owners are members of the NDTA.