About NDTA

The objectives and purposes of the Association are:


  1. To develop, promote and protect Thoroughbred racing and the interests of Thoroughbred horse owners and breeders;
  2. To improve the conditions of racing, breeding and raising of Thoroughbred horses;
  3. To investigate, report and eliminate or remove in any lawful way all practices detrimental or injurious to the breeding, raising and racing of Thoroughbred horses;
  4. To promote and maintain mutual understanding and respect between Thoroughbred horse owners and breeders, other racing associations, the public, and all other important segments of the racing industry;
  5. To advise national, state and local governments on matters affecting the Thoroughbred industry;
  6. To educate, promote and encourage cooperative efforts among owners and breeders of Thoroughbred horses to achieve the foregoing objectives and purposes.

Board of Directors

North Dakota Thoroughbred Association Officers & Board of Directors PO Box 2496, Bismarck, ND 58502 701.222.3499 contact us     President Scott Horst (2024) Phone:  (701) 527-0674 Vice President Avery Erfle (2023) Phone:  (701) 984-2500 Directors Levi Backhaus (2022)  Phone:  (701) 955-5280 Kris Moen (2022) Phone:  (701) 786-4057 Dave Gourneau (2021) Phone:  (701) 477-3993 Greg Boschee (2023) Phone:  (701) 862-3670 Lars …


2020 Calendar of Events February 29, 2020 – Annual Board/Membership Meeting at Quality Inn, Bismarck (2 pm – board; 4 pm Membership) June 1ST, 2020:  2020 Stallion Stakes Derby second payment $300                 

Contact Us

North Dakota Thoroughbred Association Box 2496 Bismarck, ND  58502-2496 Phone:  701-222-3499 Email:  info@ndtba.org

Membership Application

Any person, family, firm, or corporation interested in the purpose and objectives of this Association may be a member by paying the annual dues of $50 to the secretary-treasurer. Membership Dues are $50 (US Funds) annual Just fill out this form, print and sign it, and mail along with your $50 membership dues to: North Dakota …