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ND Racing Commission News from Gunner LaCour:

As mentioned at the last Commission meeting I wanted to send you some resources on EHV prevention that could be provided to your members in any way you believe will work best. Your help in keeping our horsemen informed is critical to avoiding any issues with EHV this year. I have included for your use some links below as well as the attached documents with EHV and biosecurity recommendations as well as the most recent State Vet release on the issue.

You can check the following website for updates on quarantines and releases… http://equinediseasecc.org/outbreaks.aspx

Additional info on EHV from the American Association of Equine Practitioners..http://www.aaep.org/info/horse-health?publication=753

Some good additional info for review on biosecurity…http://equinediseasecc.org/biosecurity.aspx

This is a link to the horsemen section of our website with all the information I provided to you previously…http://racingcommission.nd.gov/horsemen

Additionally, I am providing a link to the Breeders Fund section of our website below as there was some questions regarding the process for registration. All documentation and current information regarding registrations should be available there. Anyone with can questions should contact Sally directly at her contact information on the page. http://racingcommission.nd.gov/horsemen/breeders-fund


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